Innovation & Web2Media Labs

Optimize your business and maximize your profit

Would you rather hold on to inconvenient and inefficient procedures or automate them and use your resources elsewhere?

Our innovation team, W2M Labs, has developed a number of products and tools that will make your work life easier. Simply put, these digital powertools provide you with smarter, faster, and easier ways of doing business.

All of our tools have been created as a solution to specific challenges which may arise when doing business online. For instance, you can cut the time spend on producing newsletters in half with our popular tool QBuildR, which works in all CMS- and mail systems.

Our digital powertools can be applied on multiple platforms and are easy to use – not just for code ninjas, but for everyone.

Work smarter,
not harder

Feel free to contact us if you would like to see our digital powertools demonstrated or if your workflow is slowed down due to inefficient processes. We would love to help optimize your business and maximize your profit!